Are you sending the right message with your menu? Your staff and service? Your interior design and furniture? Your circulation and layout? And your location? A lot goes into creating an exceptional restaurant or bar that is truly memorable. Everything that you do, both seen and unseen by your customers, goes into their experience. This directly impacts whether or not they will come back and tell other people about your establishment.

At Barefoot we believe that our customer's experiences don't just take place while they're within the four walls of one of our properties, but rather their experience begins when they start planning to come (maybe it's for a special occasion that is planned nearly a year in advance) and does not end until they stop sharing their experience (either on social media or with their friends). This is way beyond the typical hour or so that most establishments try to capture with their clientele and it is this mindset that sets us apart.

Let the Experience Designers at BEHG work with your management team or service staff to analyze and make recommendations for improved work-flow, design, training, and more. Contact us to see how we can help you become more memorable!